ASC -Artisan Social Club 

ASC is a Non-Profit organization that brings industry professionals together to provide insight, direction, and mentorship to the next generation of creatives. We help them get a clearer vision on the opportunities and breadth of career possibilities available as they prepare for a future in the creative industry. 

In 2018 ASC was founded in Los Angeles, California by Carlos Mendoza III. 

Carlos, a design industry veteran for over 18 years, has worked as a Toy Designer and Illustrator for several toy industry giants. He currently works as an Art Director in New Jersey. 

ASC is currently developing new workshops, live events, and mentorship programs to help creatives of all ages and skill levels. These workshops and programs are often led by Carlos himself, as well as various top creative industry professional guest instructors and mentors.

Not only does the quality of instruction offered in these programs help new eager students improve their creative skills, but also gives them access to join a supportive community of fellow Artisans they can be sure to learn, grow, socialize and network with for years to come. 

At ASC… ALL are we welcome! 

Thank you for visiting. Please stay connected and we hope to see you at our next gathering! 

Stay creative, Stay inspired! 

-ASC team