ASC Online interview Stephen Sliver w/ Host Carlos Mendoza

Stephen Silver - Character Artist, Educator and Founder at Silver Drawing Academy .

Topic : Portfolios Common Mistakes, Character Design, Silver Academy & Industry Q & A

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ASC Online interview with Host Carlos Mendoza III

Is happy to welcome directors, producers and production designers, the legendary Chiodo Bros to ours

ASC Online interviews. Stephen Chiodo, Edward Chiodo, and Charlie Chiodo

Discussing iconic characters designs, Killer Klowns from outer space, Movie projects and Portfolio tips!

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ASC presents- LETS DRAW!

A series of quick educational tutorials!

Struggling to build up depth and dimension in your art? Let’s take a quick look on how you can improve your artwork with the using the fundamentals of Value/tones! Follow along as Carlos Mendoza shares his process in the building up of tones to give dimension to his art.